Please feel free to contact our office to schedule a back-pack check with one of our doctors. They will make sure your backpack is the proper size and fit for your child.

What to bring:

Please bring your child and his/her backpack with its contents.

According to the Association of New Jersey Chirpractors (ANJC),"It is estimated that at least half of all childrens' backpacks are too heavy."

Carrying a backpack that is too heavy can cause:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Posture problems

Factors that can harm a child's health:

  • The tightness of the straps
  • The distribution of objects within the backpack
  • The ratio of the weight of the backpack to the child's weight
  • How the backpack is worn
  • And the way the backpack is put on...all effect your child's health


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